New England Caring for Our Military Inc.
Items to send in care packages




ENTERTAINMENT   Extras      
Board games, cards and puzzles AT&T international calling cards
DVD’s and CDs     Sunglasses    
Books, magazines and comic books Disposable cameras    
Football, baseball, soccer or Nerf balls Makeup      
Baseball gloves     Perfumes      
Dart boards     Handmade crafts    
Small electronic games with batteries Bandannas    
        Swimming Goggles    
Food       Air fresheners    
Coffee       Blank post cards    
Non-melting candy and gum   Blank greeting cards    
        Letter writing paper    
Canned or dry soups, chowder Pens      
Canned fruit            
Breakfast, protein and granola bars Hygiene    
Beef summer sausage   Waterless and antibacterial sops
Beef jerky     Hair products including combs and brushes
Crackers, canned chips and pretzels Nail clippers    
Tuna in a pouch or pop-top cans Deodorant    
Raisins, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit Foot powder    
Hot sauce in plastic containers   Baby wipes    
Bean and cheese dips   Toothpaste and tooth brushes  
Cereals       Dental floss    
Powdered drink mixes are especially  Disposable razors and shaving cream (non aerosol)
(Gatorade,Kool-Aide)   Hand/Body lotion    
Popcorn in packages   Cotton swabs    
        Eyeglass wipes    
Beige and dark green T-shirts   First Aide    
Padded shoe insoles     Lip Balm      
Socks       Sunscreen    
White boxer underwear   No-water aspirin    
Bras       Moisturizing/ cleaning eye drops
Twin fitted sheets sets   Saline nasal spray    
Strong flashlight with batteries   Throat drops    
Surgical mask     Vaseline      
Water bottles with straps   Aloe Vera burn gel    
Bug repellant     Suntan lotion    
Ziplock baggies     Flexible cloth bandages  
Batteries       Blister care    
Pocket Kleenex     Oral pain reliever    
Do not collect or donate:  pork products, anything in aerosol cans, alcohol, 
any homemade products or anything not sealed in the original packaging.  Also no magazines older than 30 days and no book at this time.